Meet Megan



Meet Megan



For my own journey and for those I have the pleasure to assist on theirs, I owe much of my realization to movement. Movement has helped me demystify many of the body’s riddles and sparked insight to profound layers which rest beyond the physical.

Conscious moving internalized to conscious thinking. Conscious thinking externalized to being of service. 

I feel naturally inclined to help others live life with more awareness, freedom and fun. My values are deep rooted in connection and respect for self, nature, and community.

I aim for holistic optimization, longevity, and balance. How we move, think, and contribute to the whole can be to everyone’s benefit.

I aspire to inspire. I vote for nourishment.



“Megan’s retreats are true inner bliss and indispensable break from daily life. She helps you center yourself through yoga, meditation and unique workshops with love and care situated in beautiful curated spaces and places. From sourcing directly the water to yummy prepared dishes, every detail is thought through in an eco-conscious and spiritual manner, leading to a personal re-centering rejuvenation much needed with our busy daily lives.”

- Jeanne

“I was able to join in a weekend of yoga movement and mindfulness with Megan last year for my first retreat ever and could not speak more highly of the experience. From beginning to end, she made sure every day was special, whether through carefully curated nature excursions, pose work or meditation practices. What I loved most about the retreat was Megan's way of bringing forth a community comfortableness among the group, while still allowing for personal time of reflection and exploration. The energy that was brought forth was incredibly special, and which stuck with me long after the retreat. A second favorite aspect was definitely the food - everything we consumed was prepared to deliver high vibration sustenance and the thoughtfulness was apparent with every single beautifully plated dish / potion / elixir. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a reset, I've already set my sights on the next adventure with Megan.”

- Victoria

“Megan’s retreat was a pure deep-dive into the beauty of nature and community, and the power of co-creating physical and spiritual wellbeing. With a theme focused on rewriting our own story, the experience cultivated an environment comprised of various healing modalities, all aimed at carving out a new path sourced from a place of freedom, compassion, and unity. I left feeling the positive effects it had on my being, and am already looking forward to the next one! Super bonus points for all the amazing plant-based treats and nourishing Ayurvedic meals!!!”

- Jeremy

“I have had the pleasure of attending two of Megan’s retreats and I feel so honored and grateful to have been a part of both. Each experience was unique and Megan curated the most beautiful schedule of events, balanced between both energetically connecting with community and time for quiet introspection. I have learned so much from her workshops, from the benefits of medicinal mushrooms and the power of myofascial release, to meditation practices and how to connect more deeply with yourself. You can feel the love and passion she puts into everything she plans and teaches. Megan is incredibly inspiring and authentic and I have left each retreat feeling more grateful, grounded, and open to new ideas. Her energy is infectious and I can’t thank her enough for her guidance and for sharing her gifts and purpose!”

- Melissa

“Megan has a gift of bringing like minded people together in a harmonious and playful way. On my retreat to Joshua Tree, she somehow recruited an all star cast of healers (including herself) that shared their talents with us. We had a water healer, a vitamin healer, two sound healers, and Megan as our movement healer. There was never a dull moment for me or the other retreaters. Megan had creative activities planned for us and spontaneity was encouraged. We even had an impromptu sound healing in a cave! Talk about vibrations, whew, that was nuts. 
I felt completely at ease with everyone on the retreat and made friends that I continue to talk to.  My body and mind were rejuvenated by the unique  experience Megan designed. Would definitely do it again!”

- Michael

“I recently did a mediation that called for a memory of one of my happiest days. I recalled journaling about my experience at one of Megan’s Yoga retreats. One of the best weekends of my life! No guilty feelings just happiness, playfulness and healing! The retreat set me up for a strong morning ritual that I have kept practicing!”

- Lizette

“Megan is an epiphany. Whenever I have the chance, I attend her class. She awakens the physical and mental self unlike any teacher I have ever experienced. Megan is masterful at slowly transitioning from the dormant body to the active body, specifically focusing on therapeutic stretches and slow movements before progressing to more wakeful poses. Inside the space she creates, I am empowered to reflect deeply inward. Having the opportunity to learn from her is a gift and I am truly grateful for her energy, her dedication, her mindfulness, and the time she dedicates to her students. Thank you so very much for inspiring my practice, Megan.”

- Marek

“Working with Megan is one of the highlights of my week.  Not only is she an extremely knowledgeable pilates teacher and practitioner, she is an incredibly inspirational, loving and beautiful soul.  I have done pilates for over 20 years and was looking for a classically trained teacher.  I am
picky! But I found that and more in Megan.  She challenges me and pushes me when I need it.  And manages to always know what I  need in our sessions.  She has a wealth of information about the body and applies it in a totally custom way to each client.  I walk out of our sessions feeling more connected to myself, stronger, balanced, challenged and recharged from a psychical and mental perspective. “

- Darcy

“I have been working with Megan for a good number of years now. I would recommend her very highly regardless whether you are in a good shape and looking to improve upon that or just wanting to do therapeutic exercises for a specific injury. Personally, I have great appreciation for her style. I am never bored during our sessions. I really like being challenged. And Megan definitely obliges there. Additionally, the flow seems to be well thought out and diverse. I never find myself wondering why do we keep doing exact same things weeks and weeks on end. Or why we go from one exercise to the next. It all makes sense. Also, Megan has great attention to detail. She notices when my form slips or some tiny muscle is not as engaged as it should have been pretty immediately. Lastly, her perpetually positive energy and good sense of humor don't hurt either.”

- Eugene