• Hollywood Farmer's Market (map)

Nutrition Workshop + Farmer's Market Excursion

Hollywood Farmer's Market
- nutrition workshop and discussion
- shop around applying workshop knowledge while supporting local sustainable farms

Food is medicine. By being better informed, you will WANT to make the changes necessary to see and feel improvements in your body, happiness and life overall. A better understanding of your nutrition will make you more likely to succeed in your goals and stick with healthy habits.

Program members will receive suggested Nutritional Guidelines via PDF which will outline and explain what and why to eat certain foods. Everyone may participate in the recommended eating program to the extent they wish to commit. Not a requirement, but highly encouraged! More commitment = more potential for change. Learn why we should eat real whole nutrient dense foods, and see it can be enjoyable.

A note from the market's website, "The Hollywood Farmers' Market in Los Angeles is an outdoor street market with produce and goods from local farmers, ranchers and vendors, who offer a variety of fresh California-grown fruits and vegetables, and other wares such as honey, fish, free-range poultry & eggs, meats, cheeses, olives, mushrooms, jams, jellies, fruit juices, sauces, dried fruit and nuts, espresso, ethnic foods prepared on premises, hot pancakes, bread, biscuits, clothes, jewelry, gifts and more."

For more about the market visit, http://www.hollywoodfarmersmarket.net/

This special workshop is part of the "Ground Up" June Wellness Immersive I am hosting. Please see the "Ground Up" tab at the top of the page for more info. 

$35 drop in