Ground Up


Ground Up

June Healthy Living Program 

  • 4 x Sunday meetings outdoors - includes yoga and meditation practice
  • 4 x 1.25 hr Mat Pilates classes
  • Nutrition workshop and guidelines (PDF provided)
  • Weekly personal online check in from the instructor
  • Healthy and delicious recipe sharing

Healthy living needs to be a understood as a lifestyle choice, rather than an eating and exercising regimen. "Ground Up" is a month long, habit-forming program that will show individuals how to integrate nutrition, movement/meditation practices, and adventuring outdoors into a well rounded lifestyle. The program aims to educate participants as to the what and why behind their food and movement choices from the, "Ground Up".

I love and whole-heartedly agree with the idea that food is medicine, movement is medicine. By being better informed, students will WANT to make the changes necessary to see and feel improvements in their bodies, happiness and lives overall. A better understanding will make them more likely to succeed in their goals and stick with their healthy habits post-program."Ground Uppers" will have two weekly meetings, Sundays during the day and Wednesday evenings.

Sunday locations vary based on activity, which changes every week. $35 drop in for non program members. 

Week 1 - Hollywood Farmer's Market
- nutrition workshop and discussion
- shop around applying knowledge from workshop
Week 2 - Hiking, outdoor yoga/meditation
Week 3 - Hiking, outdoor yoga/meditation
Week 4 - Beach, yoga/meditation, picnic (with our healthy prepped foods of course!)

Wednesdays Pilates movement practice downtown at Evoke Yoga (Room 2) 5:45-6:30p. $20 drop in for non program members.

Program members will receive suggested Nutritional Guidelines via PDF which will outline and explain what and why to eat certain foods. Everyone will participate in the eating program to the extent they wish to commit. No requirement, but highly encouraged. More commitment = more potential for change. Ultimately, I want people to learn to eat real whole nutrient dense foods, and see it can be enjoyable. June 1-30 we eat clean together, develop a healthier relationship with our food.

Sundays there will be an email check in including a handful of clean eating recipes, I personally recommend and love to eat myself. Participants are encouraged to journal each Sunday setting goals and intentions for the week ahead, as well as reflect on their past week. This journaling is for the person writing them, not for me. They are welcome to share or keep journals private.

We can make some serious positive and eye opening life changes together. This June will be a month of transformation, focus, and gratitude.


$195, $175 couples rate - All inclusive price

$35 - Sunday drop in

$20 - Wednesday Mat Pilates class drop in